‘Everything I Put My Hands On, I Can Do It’: Alabama Chef And Rap Artist Chasing Big Dreams

“There was something that stood out about her,” Baker tells “I could see her being real consistent and see how she was working and chasing it. She’s willing to get out there and do the work. There’s a hunger for it in her voice. She’s taking all the opportunities available to her. I really do feel she can conquer all of it, and she’s going to have that career.”

Davis has drive and creativity to spare, Baker says, and she’s willing to listen to constructive criticism. Her writing abilities are a major plus, Baker says, and Davis has already launched her own label, designed her own graphics and planned her own merchandise.

“A lot of artists come through the Platform and the first thing is, if they have the talent,” Baker says. “A lot of them are talented, but they’re lazy-type artists who don’t have a work ethic. It’s just rare to find someone who has it all.”

Jay Black, a Montgomery hip-hop artist, producer and engineer, agrees that Davis has what it takes to succeed.
“She came in to do a studio session, and she was just a good artist, professional and really on her stuff,” says Black, also known as BurnOne. “Every time she comes in here, she’s on it. She seems very seasoned, like she’s been doing it a long time. She comes in ready and prepared. She knows what she wants. It makes my job easier and she respects my time.”

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