Handbag Designer Honors Mother With New Collection

“Cameo is a very sharp and on point person and because of that, she’s always somebody that people go to for advice, for help. Her personality lends itself in many ways,” Bell said. “Yes, she is very creative, she is Type A, very on top of her stuff and in addition to that, she’s always willing to help people.

“I love the way her clutch line really helps women feel confident in themselves , which is what she strives for. She’s just a very poised woman and she wants other women to feel that way too.”
Vera Clay, Phillips’ cousin who participated in the photoshoot for the latest collection, also feels more confident when wearing a Cameo de Boré handbag.

“A person like me, who is fine in a T-shirt and jeans, I don’t notice, until it’s time for me to get dressed up, that I should have a clutch and I should have shoes that will match this or complement (this),” said Clay, who lives in St. Louis. “The way she puts things together sometimes, you don’t think those pieces are going to work and then you add this piece, this bag,this clutch, and it does make you feel confident. I do think it’s the bag, but I think it’s trusting Cameo’s fashion sense as well.

Next on Phillips’ internal to-do list is becoming reacquainted with the fashion community and potential partners. She’s also gearing for a bridal collection next year, and (in case you were wondering) yes, she already has a good idea of what that will look like.

She has the confidence to take on anything.

“I often say the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do to date, I’ve already conquered that,” Phillips said. “I don’t know how, but I took care of my dying mother day-to-day, and so now, I’m going for it. While I miss her like crazy, I am spewing in such an incredible way to honor her legacy.”

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