How To Handle Sex Assault On Campus?

Hobson is not only a victim advocate at ISU, she also is assistant dean of students and director of the Women’s Resource Center. She previously was a Title IX investigator at Ohio University in Athens.

Return to pre-2011?
The 2011 directive reminded schools of their legal obligation to address sexual violence, and it also provided guidelines for investigations and hearings. The Obama administration took a tough stand and also threatened to withhold federal funding to schools that did not comply.

Hobson listened with concern to DeVos’ comments. “I don’t want to see us go back to pre-2011. That would be incredibly harmful,” she said. Victim advocate is just one of her responsibilities, but prior to 2011, many campuses across the country didn’t have victim advocates; now, they do.

Colleges “got very serious about how do we support people who have experienced sexual violence on our campuses,” she said.

The Obama-era guidelines “also made universities do more preventative education, and that is incredibly important,” she said. “A lot of people don’t understand consent … They don’t understand what sexual violence is, and that stuff was laid out pretty well in a lot of the guidance.”

At ISU, new students must take the online “It’s on Blue” training, which focuses on sexual violence prevention and education. Employees also have mandatory training.

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