Hemp, On The Brink Of Being Legal, Still Faces Challenges

Last but not least, states face the ongoing challenges of managing an industry that generates new products constantly.

Gordon of the Colorado Hemp Association said that, for instance, he's come across hemp-CBD-infused gummies, a non-psychoactive version of the pot candies state lawmakers banned last year, fearing that they were tempting to children.

Coram said a close partnership between various state officials, from agriculture regulators to law enforcement, has been key to Colorado's program, and that he's sharing that approach with colleagues in other states. "We're trying to give them the Colorado solution," he said.

For Sinning's office, one aspect of the partnership involves fielding calls from local police or sheriffs who have passed a field of cannabis and want to know if they're looking at a licensed hemp crop. "We're getting calls all the time from law enforcement," Sinning said, "because now hemp is everywhere."

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