Hollywood May Say It’s All For Diversity, But TV Writers Tell A Different Story

Showrunners, who make these hiring decisions, say writers’ agents aren’t helping. According to the report, diverse TV writers are being pitched by their agents “as little more than a category of otherness”, or simply as coming at a discount.

Here’s another anecdote from the report:

“A showrunner got the list (of available writers) from the agencies and was going through and interviewing and then he’s like, ‘Wait, why aren’t you giving me diverse writers?’ They were like ‘Oh, that list.’ Separate, they have a whole separate like … thing. For those people you have to ask specifically. And he was like, ‘I meant writers. I did not mean the person had to be white. I just wanted writers.'”

I asked Idoko if she plans to continue with the social media push.

“I definitely want to keep Show Us Your Room Challenge going!” she said. “At least until some real change is made.”

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