Made In Colorado Springs: City Is Part Of A Revival Of American Manufacturing

Her vegan, gluten-free soups offer the most opportunity for growth, she said. The soup market is dominated by a few large players, and she's eager to shake things up a bit.

"Our packaging is different. Our flavor profiles are unique. ... There are a lot of granolas. There aren't a lot of new, interesting, unique soups."

And the soups aren't just a meal, they're a meal starter.

"Everyone remembers their mom having a can of mushroom soup in the cupboard. We'd like to be in that category as well, a meal starter and enhancer."

Paradox Beer Co. Jeff Aragon and friend and brother-in-law Brian Horton, along with Dave Hudson, started Paradox in 2012. They initially gypsy brewed on others' systems while doing fermenting, aging, blending and bottling in Woodland Park.

They were able to do everything on site once they moved to a facility in Divide a couple of years later. They also added a taproom at the 3-acre site, formerly home to an ice-making plant and a recreation center. The enterprise is 100 percent wind-powered.

Paradox specializes in American barrel-aged wilds and sours. It sold about 300 barrels the first year, Aragon said, and just under 2,000 last year. Its bottled beer is sold in 18 states.

"I think our innovative techniques that we do up here, and the passion that we have for the industry, is probably what led us to where we're at," Aragon said, referring to Paradox's status as a Colorado Manufacturing Awards finalist.

Paradox has nine full-time employees. Among goals for the future, Aragon said, is introducing Paradox's unfiltered lager program in the Colorado marketplace as well as an off-site taproom.

The name Paradox comes from its style of beers, Aragon said -- "kind of what old is new" -- and the fact that, in the beginning, they didn't even have a brewery.

"A brewery without a brewery, and these old-style beers, it's a paradox."

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