These Six Milennials In Mission Hills Make Millions Each Year But They Share A House

With no time spent on daily drudgery, the entrepreneurs devote their days to personal and professional growth. They meditate in the mornings. They write their goals and to-do lists on a whiteboard in their foyer and oversee each other’s progress.

Every Monday night, they conduct a Napoleon Hill-style “mastermind meeting” to chat about their challenges and seek input from the rest of the group. If answers can’t be found in-house, the entrepreneurs share their contacts to help each other out.
“Between the six of us, our network is so enormous we can plug you in anywhere,” Jensen said.

The group regularly finds new and successful people to draw into their circle, holding monthly networking mixers they call “wine nights” at their home. They invite other entrepreneurs or inspirational types and then pick their brains and enjoy their company. The chef makes an elaborate dinner and, of course, they drink wine.

“We have the most amazing conversations on those nights,” Shukla said.

The epic entrepreneurs are part of a trend
The Epic Entrepreneur House is modeled after a housing trend called “co-living,” which is more common in big and expensive cities like New York and San Francisco. Co-living is a shared housing model in which roommates split the cost of rent and amenities they might not be able to afford on their own. Unlike typical roommate scenarios, the model is more formalized with a focus on building a community around shared interests or lifestyles.

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