These Sisters Have “STYLE”

Carpenter said the most important thing is that each customer walks out the door with a positive experience.

Brooklyn Bland agrees and said she will stay and fix something until the customer is pleased with the way her hair turned out.
Carpenter said her favorite part of her job is meeting new people.

“The relationships that I build with my clients and the people who come in (is the best part),” Carpenter said. “I meet friends (here) that I’ll keep forever.”

Brooklyn Bland said she loves cosmetology, but the best part is seeing how customers react when they see their new look.
“I love doing hair,” Brooklyn Bland said. “When I get someone to cry (because they’re so happy), I love that.”

Brandy Bland said at B & Company, they do a “big reveal” at the end. She said the customers are turned away from the mirror the second they sit down and don’t get to see their hair until it’s done.

She said there is a lot that makes B & Company Salon and Spa unique.

“The atmosphere — it just doesn’t feel like anything in Fairmont,” Brandy Bland said. “We’re just having a good time in here, (and) teamwork is our biggest thing.”

She said those at B & Company are always learning and always growing to provide customers with the best service.

At B & Company people can get their hair, nails or makeup done, and the salon also offers skin-care treatments and body scrubs.

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