Want To Be A Social Media Influencer? Here Are Some Tips For Getting Started

When he started his channel, Infante was still working full-time doing influencer marketing for an agency based in Costa Mesa, Calif.

“So at the same time I was kind of growing little by little, doing my own thing,” he said. “During break I would see what I could film quickly, post, then get back to work.”

A digital content creator or influencer is someone whose online videos, photos or podcasts are followed, listened to and trusted by a sizable audience. They tend to specialize in a topic — beauty, lifestyle, pop culture and food are some of the most popular ones — but you’ll find influencers of all kinds.

Anyone with a social media account can try to join the influencer ranks and help define the Next Big Thing. But gaining an audience requires a strong work ethic, resources and creativity, as well as some uncontrollable factors like luck, good timing and some help from social media platforms’ mysterious algorithms.

Q. What kind of content should you make?

A. Find your niche and be authentic, Infante advises.
Retaining your authenticity, he said, is more important than whatever money a brand is offering you. He acknowledged not all influencers operate under the same guiding principles but warns to not be lured by the promise of income in return for the trust of your audience.
Soy Nguyen, who’s known as foodwithsoy to her more than 558,000 followers on TikTok, said brand awareness is key to having a successful feed. Empowerment and positivity are central to her brand’s message, and she creates content with that in mind.

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