13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Cashing In On Online Slime

By Abigail Adams
Wicked Local South/Mariner, Marshfield, Mass.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) 13-year-old Katie Wipf has taken her hobby for slime one step further and built it into a budding personal business.

Marshfield, Mass.

She may only be in the 7th grade, but one Cohasset kid has already figured out how to run her own business.

Katie Wipf, 13, first discovered “slime” (which is made of a glue and borax solution) just over two years ago when it skyrocketed in popularity among her peers.

It wasn’t until this past July, however, that she decided to take her hobby one step further and build it into a personal business.

Now, Katie has made over $1,500 from her Etsy account, SlimeyDoodleShop and has over 2,000 followers on her Instagram account, slimeydoodle13 — all from her passion for slime.

“I just thought it would be fun to have my own business,” she said.

Katie sells a variety of slimes online that vary in texture, color, scent, and size. In addition to the traditional solution, the Thayer Academy student sells “butter” slime, “clay” slime” and “floam” among others. Her cherry starburst slime is currently her best seller.

On average, 8 ounces of Katie’s slime goes for roughly $8. Most other slime accounts, she said, sell 8 ounces of slime for nearly $20.

Oh yeah, and everything she sells she makes by hand.

At first, Katie’s mother, Barbara, said she had no idea Katie had even made herself accounts on Etsy and Instagram. Rather than being upset with her, Barbara said she was impressed.

“All of a sudden she was making real money and going to the bank and depositing it,” she said. “This is how kids do it now.”

Barbara even lends Katie a hand by dropping off her packages at the post office each Monday.

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