How 5 Miami Entrepreneurs Are Changing The Way You Enjoy Wine

By Nancy Dahlberg
The Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) An interesting look at some very creative wine entrepreneurs based in Miami.

The Miami Herald

Miami may not seem like a natural environment for wine entrepreneurs to flourish, but meet a few and you may want to raise a glass.

Make no mistake: These entrepreneurs aren’t doing things the way it has always been done in the $300 billion global wine industry. Maybe it’s being outside the well-known wine-making locales where innovative ideas can ferment more freely.

South Florida’s wine entrepreneurs have put their individual stamps on the centuries-old traditions.

That might mean outsourcing tasks rather than having to own the expensive real estate for vineyards and tasting rooms — and finding innovative ways to bring the wine to small towns, and big cities, as the son of a well-known California winemaker has done.

How about a sparkling wine that is a third of the calories but no less pleasing to the taste buds? And one entrepreneur has found a better way to dispense wine and save the rest of the bottle for another day — or week — without losing any quality. Wine can be made totally off the grid, at 10,361 feet above sea level and at sea, as another entrepreneur has proved.

Still another food and beverage entrepreneur celebrates the French tradition of sabering, or opening, a bottle of champagne bottle just as Napoleon did with his sword — but safely.

They join a growing number of Miami-area companies in the wine, beer and spirits business — from Schnebly Redland’s Winery in South Dade to a dozen or so craft beer makers in the tri-county area to rum maker Atlantico and multinational Bacardi’s U.S. headquarters.

Others, like Miami business leaders Bruce Orosz, Dennis Scholl and Mark Tobin, have founded their own labels. Add to that mix a number of tech startups with platforms for data gathering, marketing, selling, delivering — or just bringing the party to you.

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