A New Look At Violence Against Women

By Derrick Miller
Caribbean News Now, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

There are several definitions of domestic violence. Here is the simplest one: “If it feels wrong, it is.”

One legal definition of domestic violence: It consists of acts committed in the context of an adult intimate relationship. It is a continuance of aggressive and controlling behaviours, including physical, sexual, emotional and psychological attacks, that one intimate partner does to another.

Historically, many studies have shown that a “wife” was the property of a husband, and he has the right to carry out whatever behaviour to keep her in line.

Experts have also noted that laws fail to adequately protect the victims of domestic violence. Since the 1980, many policies have been amended and have given women constitutional rights to safety and equally protection, but the struggle continues.

One of the problems is that it is often seen and described as the tolerant cultural traits and a taboo, where guilt and shame makes it difficult for victims to come forward.

What is the colour of domestic violence? Often the media only cover domestic violence when a rich and famous individual is abused, arrested or killed.

What has happened to poor individuals’ cases? Domestic violence seems to be green. Today, thanks to cameras, tapes are bringing all faces of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence from behind closed doors.

September 8, 2014, reminded us that domestic violence is still a cancer when the Ray Rice, a National Football League (NFL) player, video came out.

We saw his fiancee knocked out unconscious in an elevator and being dragged out like a piece of luggage.

Within hours, the OJ Simpson 1995 double murder case in which he was acquitted emerged on almost every news lead-in. This was not co-incidental; OJ’s name generates ratings and a platform that often divides. Most importantly, his case has created more awareness calls to domestic violence centers since.

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