Actress Sarah Scott Reported Sexual Misconduct On A Hollywood Set And Found A Difficult Path To A Resolution

By Amy Kaufman
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) After actress Sarah Scott reported sexual misconduct by another actor on set she found that there were few people and/or systems in place to respond to what happened.


Sarah Scott was lying under the covers wearing only nipple covers and boy shorts when, she says, her co-star Kip Pardue became aroused. She could tell because he took her hand and placed it on his groin just as they were about to film a post-coital scene for an independent television pilot, “Mogulettes.”

She was shocked by his behavior, particularly because it was May 16, mere months after hundreds of allegations of sexual misconduct had been made against powerful men in Hollywood.

Still, Scott shot the scene. When filming was done, she says Pardue called her into his dressing room, where he proceeded to masturbate in front of her.

“I literally froze,” Scott, 35, recalls. “I said, ‘What are you doing?'”

“This isn’t a #MeToo thing,” she alleges he responded. “I’m not your employer. It’s not like I can fire you.”

Scott says she ran out of the room. She had been a working actress for more than 14 years, appearing on episodes of popular television shows such as “True Blood” and “Castle,” but had never experienced a co-star doing something like this.

Pardue, who is a series regular on Marvel’s Hulu series “The Runaways,” has appeared in films such as “Remember the Titans” and “The Rules of Attraction” over his two-decade career.

The pilot they were filming did not yet have a network or streaming partner attached, but producers hoped to attract interest after it was completed.

As Scott encountered Pardue while preparing to leave the set of “Mogulettes,” she says she asked him why he had masturbated in front of her. She says he told her it was because she was “just so hot.”

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