Athena Finalists Help Empower Women

By John Bush
The Lima News, Ohio

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Meet the three Athena Awards finalists from the Lima, Ohio region. The awards recognize amazing women who help other women.


The three finalists for the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce’s Athena Award have shown a willingness to help women reach their full potential, providing mentorship and assistance for individuals who are establishing their careers and for those who are down on their luck.

Julianne Frankhouser, Tracie Sanchez and Tammie Colon are especially adept at helping women find hope and empowerment amid difficult situations, which was one of the main reasons they are finalists for the award.

Julianne Frankhouser
Julianne Frankhouser wears many hats. She is the executive director of Guiding Light Ministries, a home health nurse for St. Rita’s Medical Center and a pastor at Living Faith Temple.

In each of her leadership positions, Frankhouser helps empower women who are “down and out.” Many of these women are in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, and some have lost care of their children because of their addictions. Others have come from unstable families, and lack the support from people who should be there for them.

“By providing services to women who are in tough situations, they learn the skills necessary to regain their life with a fresh perspective,” Frankhouser said. “We encourage and empower them to be independent, self sufficient and to utilize the resources available to get a job and keep their family together. That’s our goal.”

Frankhouser said there are many examples of women who have turned their lives around thanks to her help. She told a story of a woman who had tried and failed to overcome her drug addiction until she finally “owned her own recovery.” Frankhouser encouraged her to find her own residence, buy a car and take classes to improve her situation.

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