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By Lori Borgman
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) I thought age was just a number? Maybe not. A recent chart published in “Business” Insider shows the peaks and valleys that often accompany age.

Tribune News Service

A chart titled “The Age You Peak at Everything,” published by Business Insider, was sent my way and was an enjoyable read, if you enjoy waves of uneasiness that roll your stomach.

Lest I sound somewhat despondent, which is possible since, according to the chart, my last Life Satisfaction Peak was at age 23 and my next one will not occur until age 69, the selling point of the chart is that growing older comes with benchmarks of contentment.

One can only hope.

Of course, there is a lot of ground to cover between youth and age with numerous peaks along the way, some of which you have probably already missed.

The peak age to learn a foreign language? Age 7. Yep, that ship has sailed; bon voyage.

In other bad news, your brain processing power peaks around age 18.

A moment for reflection on that one. If brain processors peak at age 18, but greater life satisfaction lies beyond 18, could it be that contentment is tied to lower brain capacity? Just asking.

Muscle strength tends to peak at age 25, followed by the peak likelihood of finding a marriage partner, which occurs around age 26. The sequencing of those two, peak strength followed by marriage, is entirely logical as marriage takes strength.

Oh, does marriage take strength. Right, honey?

Honey just shouted, “Yes!”

The peak for bone mass is age 30, for playing chess, age 31, and for remembering faces, age 32. Your best age for the ability to focus is 43.

Where was I?

Let’s be honest; we all know what follows peaks. Valleys. The chart does not note valleys, but it should. The chart uses a straight line marked with dots for peaks, but realistically, life often looks more like a wild EKG.

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