Bigelow Tea Exec Visits Quinnipiac As Students Work On Perfect-Brew App

By Luther Turmelle
New Haven Register, Conn.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Cindi Bigelow, CEO of CT based “Bigelow Tea” recently spent time with students at Quinnipiac to talk about entrepreneurship. Two students who have developed a Tea-related smartphone app also had the opportunity to show Bigelow their product and get feedback.


It was tea time Tuesday morning at Quinnipiac University’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship as Cindi Bigelow, chief executive officer of the Fairfield-based specialty tea company that bears here family’s name, paid a visit.

The 56-year-old executive was at the school for two reasons: To speak to entrepreneurship students at the school and to view first-hand a smartphone application being developed by students to help tea lovers brew a perfect cup.

The application, which is still in developmental stages, is the brainchild of two Fulbright Scholars from eastern Europe attending Quinnipiac, Laszlo Dinca and Tamara Leskovar.

Dinca is from Hungary and Leskobar is from Slovenia. The two met at a networking event for Fulbright Scholars and Leskobar was looking to solve an age-old problem tea drinkers face: How to make a cup of the brew that is not too weak and not too strong.

“Usually, I put the tea bag into the hot water, I get distracted and I forget about it,” Leskobar said. “So I was just thinking how could I remind myself at the appropriate time to take the tea bag out of the water and how could I do that as simply as possible.”

That’s where the Time 4 Tea app comes in. Developed by a third Quinnipiac student, Tejas Kumar, the app allows tea drinkers to scan a QR code, or two-dimension bar code affixed to the tea bag tag, with their cellphones. The app reads the barcode and sets a timer on the phone for the correct brewing time.

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