Career 180: From Accomplished Actress To Blue Marble Founder

By Heather Senison
amNewYork, New York.

Jennie Dundas is an accomplished actress, best known for playing Diane Keaton’s daughter in “The First Wives Club.”

A few years ago she and a friend decided to pursue her other passion: ice cream. In 2007, they launched Blue Marble, a Brooklyn-based certified organic ice cream company with two storefronts and a production space in Industry City in Sunset Park.

There’s also a nonprofit component, Blue Marble Dreams. Dundas lives in Harlem with her boyfriend and their 4-year-old son.

Question: Why did you leave acting?

A: It was unintentional and it was more of a pull factor than a push factor. It was more I found something that I was really passionate about, which was being an entrepreneur, and I became so obsessed with it that my former career just suddenly receded into the background.

Question: What made you want to make ice cream?

A: I love eating ice cream. I have always loved eating ice cream and my friend Alexis Gallivan showed up at a party and said, ‘Let’s open an ice cream shop in Brooklyn, there’s no great ice cream in Brooklyn,’ and I said, ‘Love it, awesome, let’s do it.’

Question: Did you and Gallivan make the first batches?

A: Neither of us have culinary backgrounds so we figured that we would be the expert tasters and we would be the brand makers. And so we worked with someone on the recipes and getting the product right. Billy Barlow, he’s my boyfriend, he makes all the ice cream.

Question: Talk about your nonprofit Marble Dreams.

A: We were approached by a woman from Rwanda in 2008, about six months after we started our business, and she asked us to partner with her and a group of Rwandan women to open an ice cream shop in her town in Rwanda. And two years later in 2010 we opened the shop and we established a nonprofit to raise the money to fund the shop.

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