Carol Parker Walsh-Evolve Your Image Consulting

By Lyndsey Hewitt
The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Career coach/consultant Carol Walsh says she digs into each client’s identity to figure out what the issues are and how she can help.

The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash.

Carol Parker Walsh, the owner of Evolve Your Image Consulting, based in Camas, has two steel rods and five screws in her right leg — and three in her shoulder — from when a drunk driver collided with her vehicle.

The end of a lengthy scar from the incident peeks out from underneath a stylish patterned skirt.

The accident and recovery process inspired Walsh, 53, to go on journey to help herself and other women who are struggling with image and identity, something she says is a pervasive struggle because women are often fed mixed messages in society about how to look or what path in life to take. She especially notices it in women who are midlife, in their 40s and 50s, when they’re no longer considered “young,” yet aren’t ready for any sort of retirement.

“Particularly, we live in a very patriarchal society … that tells us we’re too young, we’re too old, we’re too tall, we’re too short, get a job, don’t get a job, stay at home with your kids, no, go to work. It’s crazy-making,” she said. “And we’re constantly trying to chase after some constantly moving target, really a moving mythical target that we can never hit.”

Readers of the Vancouver Business Journal may have caught her byline, where she writes a recurring column called “Dress Code,” that offers advice about building confidence and success for entrepreneurs. In March, she was a featured guest at the International Women’s Festival Northwest at Clark College.

She’s also regularly a keynote speaker at various business events in the region, especially on the topic of female empowerment. She has 15 clients and leads a group to help women discover themselves and better thrive in work environments. Or more often, rediscover themselves after a professional or personal light went out.

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