CES Startups Had Us Shouting ‘Eureka!’

By Jonathan Takiff
Philadelphia Daily News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) This article from the Philadelphia Daily News highlights some of the coolest innovations from the recent 2017 CES tech show in Las Vegas

Philadelphia Daily News

“Eureka!” scientists used to shout, at least in the movies, when landing on a great discovery. At this month’s giant CES tech show in Las Vegas, some of the most interesting breakthroughs were flying off the tables in Eureka Park, a jam-packed exhibit zone for startups.

The startup gathering is now in its sixth year, and more than 1,100 exhibitors have raised $1 billion in funding at past events. This time, more than 600 global hopefuls were on hand, the most ever, with especially large contingents from France, where tech startups are government-supported, and Israel.

WEAR IT WELL: Monitoring devices that help women get pregnant have been multiplying. But this year, the guys are getting a boost from Spartan, a marketer of Paris-designed boxer briefs lined with antibacterial silver fibers.

“The silver functions as an electromagnetic shielding to block over 99 percent of the radiation put out by mobile phones pocketed close to the wearer’s privates,” claimed cofounder/CEO Arthur Menard. “A famous study from the Cleveland Clinic found that guys who carry a phone in their pants for at least four hours a day have a 50 percent decrease in sperm count and a lower quality of sperm, in terms of speed and lifespan.”

The potential link between phone radiation and testicular cancer is another sore subject researchers are examining, he added. The boxers felt soft to the touch. They can be washed 300 times without losing efficacy, it’s claimed, and cost $35 to $45 a pair at www.spartanunderwear.com.

Also from France comes the first collection of connected clothes and accessories for women from Spinali Design. To smarten the jeans ($115), two discretely buzzing activators are sewn into the left and right sides of the waistband. The vibrations keep you walking the right way when linked with a compatible mapping app, and also alert discreetly that incoming mobile call from Mr. Right (or Wrong). Spinal Design’s smart bikinis, called Neviano, carry a customized sensor that reminds when it’s time to reapply more sunscreen.

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