Dr. Leah Dukowitz Empowers Her Patients At Vitalize Chiropractic

By Robyn L. Kirsch
Belleville News-Democrat

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) A very interesting look at one woman’s experience with a chiropractor as a child and how that inspired her (years later as an adult) to open her own chiropractic clinic. While most people are under the impression (myself included) that you go to the chiropractor solely for aches and pains, apparently there are many other benefits to treatment that can help women with their overall wellness.

Belleville News-Democrat

Bold and benevolent are two words that first come to mind after meeting Shiloh resident Dr. Leah Dukowitz at an O’Fallon Women Empowering Women (W.E.W) meeting in April.

Dukowitz, the co-owner of Vitalize Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center in Swansea, is passionate about helping mothers, children, men and families live happier and healthier lives.

“The word ‘vitalize’ is a verb (meaning) to give life; to invigorate or stimulate, and that’s my goal to help improve people’s lives without the use of drugs or surgery because we have forgotten the inborn power that our body has to heal when it is free from interference, and we are putting good things into our body, and we can be happy and healthy and develop and grow properly,” Dukowitz said.

Since youth, Dukowitz said she aspired to become a medical doctor, but since then her life goals have changed a little.

So, why did she choose the world of chiropractic instead of becoming a medical doctor?

Simple. It all started with a common childhood issue. When Dukowitz was five-years-old she went to a chiropractor because she was a chronic bed-wetter, and her parents had tried just about everything from limiting what kind, how much to no liquids in the evening, during dinner and before bed.

“Then they tried this thing we called ‘the beeper,’ and it was a little box device strapped to my wrist at night with wires running (from the device) through my pajamas, and clipped onto my underwear and when it sensed wetness it would go off like a smoke detector, and it would wake everyone up except for me,” Dukowitz said laughingly.

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