Entrepreneur “Plans” Bright Future With Innovative Google Program

By Lawrence Specker
Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Thkisha “DeDe” Sanogo hopes her startup “Panoptic” helps educate current and future project managers on what it takes to avoid the major pitfalls of project planning.

Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

A Daphne entrepreneur’s plan to help the “accidental project managers” of the world has earned her an invitation to take part in an extremely selective Google development campaign.

Thkisha “DeDe” Sanogo will spend the week of Sept. 23-28 in Durham, N.C., developing her startup — Panoptic Project Solutions — with support from Google for Entrepreneurs.

The potential benefits are vast. She won’t just get mentoring and training on exactly what it takes to pull in seed funding: She and the other participants will get the opportunity to pitch their projects directly to investors, in a setting where more than half the past participants have won capital investment.

She goes in with a slogan that’s as encouraging to someone panicking over a local fundraiser as it is to a corporate worker who’s just been volun-told to handle something big and potentially messy: “Never Start A Project From Scratch Again.”

Google for Entrepreneurs is an international campaign by Google to help innovators “build the future, grow your economies, and launch the next generation of innovative companies.”

If they happen to use Google products along the way, so much the better.

The program is active in 125 countries, according to promotional information, and is heavily involved with 10 “startup communities” in the United States.

The third annual Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange for Black Founders will take place at the American Underground startup community campus in Durham. It’s described as “a week-long immersion program focused on addressing the funding gap for startups led by Black Founders,” and an attempt to “move the needle on diversity.”

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