Companies Support Family-Friendly Business Trips, Day Care And Travel Costs Covered

By Chikara Shima
The Japan News, Tokyo / Asia News Network

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Would you take your child on a business trip if you knew you would have help caring for them? It’s a concept that is being experimented with in Japan where some parents are opting to take kids on the road.

The Japan News, Tokyo / Asia News Network

The idea behind company employees having their children tag along is to ensure they do not miss out on promotions or other career opportunities by turning down business trips due to child-rearing responsibilities.

This innovation provides working parents more options, although women and children might shoulder most of the burden.

Companies and workers are being urged to arrange business trips in this manner based on purpose and distance.

Enhancing career prospects
Taisei Corp. opened a temporary day-care center in early November at the Yokohama training facility for the children of parents taking part in a three-day training course. The course was for employees in their seventh year at the company.

The construction company entrusted a nursing care operator to look after five young children whose parents took part in the course.

One worker, Yumiko Taniguchi, 29, arrived in Tokyo from Sapporo with her 2-year-old son. They stayed at a hotel, but the boy was dropped off at the company’s day-care center, while his mother sat for the course.

“It was difficult to ask my husband or parents to take care of him while I’m away. The only reason I could attend the course was because the company offered the day-care service,” she said.

For Taniguchi, a field superintendent in the company’s construction sector, the training course not only was a prime opportunity to enhance her career prospects, but also helped her share information with colleagues from other parts of the country.

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