Former Chemist Now Designs Closets For Celebs Like The Kardashians

By Rachel Spacek
Los Angeles Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Lisa Adams is known as the “go to” person if you want a top of the line custom walk-in closet to store your clothing, shoes and accessories.


Lisa Adams is the chief executive and designer at LA Closet Design, a full-service luxury closet design firm that she founded in 2007.

Adams has worked with celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Reese Witherspoon.

Based in West Hollywood, LA Closet Design offers services worldwide. Adams estimates she’s doing about 15 closets at a given time and 50 a year. For a custom walk-in closet, she charges an average of $60,000, though the prices range from around $35,000 to as high as $500,000.

Island life: Growing up in Honolulu, Adams said, she felt pressure from her parents to succeed. As second-generation Asian immigrants, they had a strong desire for their children to do better than they had, she said.

“By second grade, I was already learning more than they knew,” Adams said. Adams said being raised in Hawaii and being part of a diverse community taught her to treat people equally regardless of their differences.

Pursuing science: Adams excelled in math and science and went on to study chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley; she thought the field was a perfect blend of math and science.

Adams said the transition from living on a small island to attending such a big school as Berkeley was a culture shock. As a small-town girl, she could not wait to graduate and return to Hawaii, she said.

Back in Honolulu, she worked in a private laboratory, testing food for yeast and mold. The lab helped food companies make sure their products complied with safety requirements.

After working in the lab for a few months, Adams thought, “This isn’t quite ‘it.'” She desired more opportunities than Hawaii and the laboratory offered.

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