Growing Business: Maury County’s First Hemp Dispensary

By Mike Christen
The Daily Herald, Columbia, Tenn.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Mule Town Hemp and Cafe” sits in a building once occupied by a bank complete with a safe. Entrepreneurs Dennis and Samantha Albu offer hemp-based textiles, tobacco alternatives and soaps made with hempseed oil.

The Daily Herald, Columbia, Tenn.

Mt. Pleasant is now home to the county’s first hemp shop, and its owners want to set an example for the new agricultural industry, starting with their own community.

Opened Sept. 21, Mule Town Hemp and Cafe, owned and operated by local couple Dennis and Samantha Albu, offers a selection of hemp-based products from skin cream and beard oil to cannaidiol.

Commonly referred to as CBD, cannaidiol is a cannabis compound that lacks the psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, found in illegal cannabis plants.

The shop marks the first step into the retail environment for the two entrepreneurs, who for the past three years have been growing industrial cannabis for the wholesale market out of their Maury County home.

In 2014, state Senate Bill 2495/House Bill 2445 reclassified cannabis possessing less than 0.3 percent THC as an industrial crop rather than a controlled substance.

In 2016, HB 2032 allowed for licensed cultivation of industrial hemp when “grown by an institution of higher education,” and established regulation system for persons who wish to process or distribute industrial hemp within the state.

After the passing of the bill, the Albus opened Alleviate Pharms, a Mt. Pleasant based industrial cannibis growing and extraction business, using plants that are bred specifically to contain little to no of the TCH compound.

“We grow indoors and outdoors,” Dennis Albu said. “We extract from the flower and make our products. Our goal is to make the best product in the state.”

He says they now supply many of the hemp dispensaries that operate in Tennessee.

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