Humorous Self-Help Authors Want You To Get Past ‘Feelings’ About Fairness

By Alison Bowen
Chicago Tribune.

A new self-help book from Simon & Schuster might not be for the faint of heart, not with a title like “F-Feelings” (and we used even fewer letters than the publisher did).

But the authors, psychiatrist Michael Bennett and his daughter, writer Sarah Bennett, intend it that way; life itself, they contend, is not for the skittish. But they’re ready to help. Hence the subtitle, which we can reprint in full: “One Shrink’s Practical Advice for Managing All of Life’s Little Problems.”

The irreverent title reflects the Bennetts’ belief that humor is integral to surviving life‘s curveballs. The real four-letter word in our lives, they say, is “fair.” Many believe life should be fair, they write, but it’s often chaotic. Making peace with the things you can’t change about yourself, or someone else or the circumstances you’re in, allows you to instead focus on managing your responses to that chaos.

The book offers concrete advice, with three examples of pretend people’s scenarios to make you feel less crazy about whatever your struggles might be.

Then, it offers honest assessments of what you can and cannot expect, such as not expecting to win a victory in an unfair situation. The book mimics their website, with a mix of reader and patient questions that Dr. Bennett answers; his advice is penned by his daughter, who used to write monthly sketch shows for the improv group Upright Citizens Brigade.

The two chatted by crackling phone connection from New Hampshire. What follows is an edited transcript.

Q: There’s definitely a specific tone to the book. Is there anyone you had in mind while writing, or an ideal reader?

S.B.: We’ve gotten some flak for the title. The reason that it’s there is we want to filter out anyone without a sense of humor. Our ideal reader has a sense of humor. These are usually serious problems, having a bad relationship with a parent, hating your job, where it’s hard to have a sense of humor about. We obviously think that if you can use (humor) to reassess your problem and look at it in a new way … then you have hope of finding your way out of it.

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