After A Husband’s Sexual Misconduct, Advice For Women Who Choose To Stay

By Alison Bowen
Chicago Tribune

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Karen Lawson, a psychologist and professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, counsels individuals and couples who are dealing with problematic sexual behavior. She says that if the couple decides to stay together, moving forward, transparency is key. She adds, ideally, each spouse would have a different therapist, as well as an additional therapist for the couple who is qualified in treating marital infidelity.

Chicago Tribune

Since the news of Harvey Weinstein’s allegations of decades of sexual misconduct broke last October, headline after headline has exposed more men accused of harassment or abuse. Many of these men are married. So what of the wives who choose to stay in the union?

How should women who stay with prominent men accused in the #MeToo era proceed? They are on the sidelines but still directly experiencing the aftermath of public humiliation and a marriage rocked by allegations.

So many wives have chosen to remain with high-profile husbands accused of misdeeds that an entire show, “The Good Wife,” was created with a character whose story begins with her standing beside an accused husband at a press conference.

The show echoes real examples, and they continue. Huma Abedin continued in a marriage with Anthony Weiner as he tried to recover from scandal; he has since been sentenced to prison for sexting with a minor, and they are now settling their divorce.

More recently, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was charged with a crime after accusations that he took compromising photos of a woman. He and his wife acknowledged the affair and released a joint statement that said they were working on their marriage.

Sen. Al Franken was accused of inappropriate sexual advances, which he denied, and resigned his seat after thanking his wife of 42 years for her continued support.

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