Life By Design: How Designer Heidi Elnora Went From Hayfields To High-Fashion

By Tara Massouleh
Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Heidi Elnora Baker hasn’t stopped moving since she decided she wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid growing up in the hayfields of Sardis, Alabama. She would try on her grandmother’s clothes and redesign them to fit her taste. By the time she reached the 10th grade, there was no doubt in her mind about what she would one day become–she just had to figure out how to get there.

Alabama Media Group, Birmingham

It’s just past 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon and already Heidi Elnora Baker has walked 9,443 steps.

The wedding dress designer, media personality, entrepreneur, wife, mother of two, and self-described girl boss hasn’t had a moment to herself all day–and that’s the way she likes it. In fact, this interview, held inside an intimate bridal changing room in her year-old Atelier on Morris Avenue, might be the only time Heidi has sat down since she rolled out of bed at 7 that morning. It might also be the last before she crawls into bed sometime around midnight.

Of course, all of that will come only after she visits a couple more brides, makes sure all her Atelier employees are squared away, feeds her boys, recounts her day with her husband, and spends the last few hours before bed mindlessly sketching new designs on her iPad, while contemplating her next move.

Still, with all she has going on, talking with Heidi, you don’t get the sense she’s rushed for time. She leans back on the couch, pulls a leg up to her chest and gets comfortable. She’s not fiddling with her phone or looking over her shoulder. With the curtains to the spacious changing room drawn closed, Heidi is candid, real, and unapologetically honest.

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