In 1989 when a personal bankruptcy robbed Lindsay Frucci’s family of financial security, she decided the way back to marital and family bliss was to start a business that would make gobs of money.

Out of the mantra “there must be something I can do”€ and a passion for fat-laden, fudgy brownies that made it hard to zip her jeans, an idea was born: healthy brownies for the masses.

In a leap of faith borne on the wings of innocence and naivete, she founded No Pudge! Foods, Inc., and began an unexpected whopper of a roller coaster ride.

Without money, experience or a college education.

With a husband who traveled for work, this entrepreneur was a forty-five year old, part-time single-mom, living in a 200-year old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, trying to grow a business in a male-dominated industry. However she substituted creativity and stubborn determination for a large bankroll and turned a recipe into a multi-million dollar business.

The fairy tale is an enviable, business success story. The reality is the story of a woman who was raised hearing “You can’t” and found, to her surprise and great satisfaction, she could – and then some. She and her husband, Paul, raised their two sons in rural New Hampshire. Both boys bolted to New York City the day after they graduated from college. Lindsay and Paul followed a few years later and now happily reside in Brooklyn, NY along with Zoe the Wonder Dog.

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