Pot Businesses Are On A Hiring Spree. Here’s How Much The Jobs Pay

By David Goldstein and Anita Chabria
McClatchy Washington Bureau

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Employment sites such as Monster.com and Indeed.com are filled with openings. A medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento needs an experienced store manager. Salary: $40,000-$60,000. A cannabis lab in LA wants to process manager-lab technician and will pay $75,000-$110,000. CEOs and master growers also can command six-figure salaries, and equity in the company.”


Eight years ago, Samantha Miller was earning six figures a year as a product developer for a LED lighting company in Northern California when a high school friend called to ask a favor. Would Miller be able to help her friend’s boss at a medical marijuana dispensary figure out how to use a new machine purchased to analyze the quality of pot?

Miller passed on the job, but offered some free advice. With her background in machinery design and lab supervision, she told the dispensary folks: “You need (to hire) a scientist because you are going to ruin that piece of equipment if you don’t know how to run it.”

The dispensary owner ignored her warning and sure enough, Miller soon received a call that the machine had gone kaput. Fed up, the owner offered to give the high-tech device to Miller if she could repair it _ and would be willing to test the dispensary’s marijuana for free.

Miller fixed the machine, and her business was born. “I look back at the moment, and I don’t know what totally seized me,” she said.

These days, Miller employs about 10 people at Pure Analytics, a quality assurance and testing company outside of Santa Rosa. Last month, she hired four people, including two high-level scientists. (One’s an expert with terpene, a component of marijuana that gives it its aroma.) Both are six-figure jobs, Miller said.

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