Queen Ona Korper’s Quirky Interest In Homemade ‘Slime’ Becomes An Enterprise: A Greater Cleveland

By Leila Atassi
Advance Ohio Media, Cleveland

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) To encourage a young girl’s entrepreneurial spirit, the head of an after-school program invited her to add her inventory to a table where snacks are sold, and before long, the student had doubled her slime business. Yes, this 12-year-old makes and sells her own slime!


Pouring and stirring, then pouring and stirring some more. Queen Ona Korper works with the precision of a baker, masterfully combining ingredients to achieve a perfect consistency — or perhaps a mad scientist, mixing a volatile chemical concoction in pursuit of world domination.

As it turns out, she’s a 12-year-old girl making “slime.”

The sticky, squishy, stretchy goop is so popular among young kids and middle-schoolers, it has become an all-out cultural craze. And Queen Ona is among the very best around at producing it, often adding coloring, glitter, sequins or beads to make her batches stand out.

Her slime is so good in fact, that classmates at her East Side charter school have been willing to pay for it — $1 per two-ounce container of the stuff.

Queen Ona banked about $60 in just her first three weeks of business, a substantial sum for a girl living on the edge of poverty.

Bridgette Smith, who runs the Learning Center at the Rainbow Terrace subsidized housing complex, where Queen Ona attends an after-school program most days, noticed the slime gaining popularity among the kids. To encourage Queen Ona’s entrepreneurial spirit, Bridgette invited the girl to add her inventory to a table where snacks are sold, and before long, she had doubled her slime business.

On this day, Queen Ona is taking her brand to a new level — teaching a “slime clinic” to a throng of kids at the Learning Center. Crowded around her, they peer over her shoulders as she eyeballs portions of the key ingredients — Elmer’s glue, contact solution and shaving gel.

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