Second Helping: Daughters Of Restaurateur Alberto Lombardi Get A Seat At The Table

By Karen Robinson-Jacobs
The Dallas Morning News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) The daughters of famed restaurateur Alberto Lombardi share their journeys into the restaurant industry and how they plan on increasing their profile within the comapny founded by their father.

The Dallas Morning News

In the 1970s and ’80s, when noted restaurateur Alberto Lombardi was growing a restaurant empire that would stretch nearly from coast to coast, he also was growing a family.

Today, his three daughters, his oldest children from his first marriage, are taking on increased responsibility in what’s now called Lombardi Family Concepts.

Despite growing up in a male-dominated industry that is among those hit by allegations of sexual harassment, the three say they’re comfortable in the space.

While there’s no question that the 69-year-old Lombardi remains the boss, they see opportunities for women increasing both within their company and in the broader industry that one sister said is “in our blood.”

They are aware of the advantages they have enjoyed.

“I think being his daughter helped open the door,” said Anna Lombardi Daigle, 41, and the oldest Lombardi offspring. “It may be nepotism, but it’s true.”

The family’s current focus is on opening two more restaurants — one’s already open — in the still-evolving Legacy West development in Plano. The family gathered recently at another Legacy West restaurant to talk about what’s next for the company and the family.

Lombardi’s is the only company with three concepts in the project, according to developer Fehmi Karahan, who said he was drawn by the strength of the Lombardi brand and the chops of the maestro.

It made “a difference on my decision and gave additional comfort in signing three leases with Lombardi Concepts knowing that second generation is very engaged in the family business, as they bring the fresh ideas, new energy and carry on the banner,” Karahan said.

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