Social Media May Have Changed Mary Kay Sellers’ Style But Not Their Spirit

By Aidan Quigley
The Dallas Morning News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Nearly 30,000 attendees from 16 international markets have flocked to Dallas for the 44th annual Mary Kay Seminar.

The Dallas Morning News

Every summer for the last four decades, pink-clad attendees have flocked to Dallas for the Mary Kay Seminar.

Early seminars featured founder Mary Kay showing off her iconic Cadillacs and entertainment that rivaled “anything ever produced in Las Vegas,” as The Dallas Morning News described in 1983. The seminars have also featured training on sales methods, which have evolved in the digital age.

At this year’s convention, attendees artfully laid out products on shareable backgrounds, learned the ideal dimensions for photos on different social media platforms and discussed apps that can help them keep track of sales and customers.

Nearly 30,000 attendees, including from 16 international markets, have flocked to Dallas for the 44th annual Mary Kay Seminar. This year’s convention kicked off at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

The seminar is a Dallas staple, contributing about $37 million to the Dallas economy and supporting more than 4,222 jobs in the area. It’s the “pinnacle” of the company’s year, said Regena Pipkin, Mary Kay’s director of U.S. marketing.

Tanya King of Miami, who has sold Mary Kay products for 13 years, said she’s been to the seminar every one of those years.

“It helps to reconnect you to what you’re doing, your passions are reignited, your vision’s reignited,” she said. “The camaraderie, the girlfriend time, the fun, all of it, it’s all encompassing.”

King’s seen how the company has adjusted to technology over time. When she started, she kept track of customers and inventory on an Excel spreadsheet, a task which has been made much easier by an app.

The company has also increased online training, which King said was very helpful.

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