How A Stacey Griffith Master Class Turned A SoulCycle Newbie Into A Believer

By Nicole Brodeur
The Seattle Times

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Nicole Brodeur shares her first “Soul Cycle” experience including her personal meet and greet with Stacey Griffith the star soul cycle instructor who has a new book out titled “Two Turns from Zero.”


Oh, I didn’t belong here.

I was wearing a cotton T-shirt and bike shorts under exercise pants that once belonged to my dad (oh, stop; they’re practically new).

All around me, young, shiny women in sleek tank tops and black leggings chatted away. The air smelled of grapefruit.

At the center of it was Stacey Griffith, all bleach-blonde and ripped and ready to teach a class at the SoulCycle studio in Bellevue, part of a tour in support of her book, “Two Turns from Zero.”

This star instructor could have been the end of me, or the beginning of something great.

“Should I be scared?” I asked her.

“No, be excited,” she said. “You are about to get the motivation and energy you’ve been looking for. The spark, the fire, the strength to lift yourself up.”

That’s a pretty tall order. But Griffith, 49, has made a career out of spinning self-doubt out of people. She was SoulCycle’s second instructor and with her help, the boutique fitness chain has exploded.

Griffith flew out from New York last weekend not only to christen this studio, one of the newest in the 77-studio SoulCycle chain, but to visit her 98-year-old grandmother, Stella, who lives in Spanaway.

If I left now, I thought, I could probably get to Stella’s before the class started and just hang out with her instead.

Wasn’t happening. I was soon clipped onto a bike in a dark room with Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” blasting through the speakers. The guy in front of me immediately started pedaling like he was being chased.

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