“Suiting” Up For Success

By C.W. Nevius
San Francisco Chronicle.

Local developer Jesse Herzog has solved a problem most of us didn’t know we had. It’s kind of a trend with him.

Simply put, Herzog has created an alternative to the tired old hoodie-and-jeans look that permeates the lofts and startups of San Francisco techie culture. It is — wait for it — the “suitsy.”

The suitsy is a pair of dress pants, a nice white shirt and jacket … all sewn together. You step into it like a pair of mechanic’s coveralls, zip up the hidden zipper, and voila — you’re dressed for success.

You know how people say it’s a fine line between genius and crazy? We may have found the perfect example. How did Herzog come up with this? Was he drinking?

“I would say most good ideas probably originate with a drink or two,” Herzog said. “That’s fair. I just thought it would be great if I could look professional and feel like I was in my pajamas.”

Herzog, who admits to an overdeveloped sense of whimsy, insists he’s serious about this. Currently, the suitsy is featured on Betabrand, a San Francisco “clothing community” that floats ideas.

Visitors to the site vote on the products, and if there are enough “likes,” they make up a few prototypes and see if people buy them. With well over 1,000 likes already, the next step is to run a few suitsys up the old marketing flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

“It is a serious idea,” Herzog says. “But that being said, I don’t think it hurts to have a sense of humor about the product. There are a lot of people who have responded very seriously that this is going to cause the apocalypse of fashion. And maybe they are right.”

I have no opinion on fashion apocalypse, but people definitely need to just enjoy the quirk. Herzog is doing his part. When a commenter on Betabrand wrote, “This monstrosity is for the lazy,” Herzog volleyed back immediately.

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