Targeting Women Entrepreneurs In India

By Gouri Shah
Mint, New Delhi

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Interesting look at a new TV commercial released by a jewelry company out of India. The spot focuses on empowering female business ownership.  As entrepreneurship becomes more popular among the Indian population, advertisers are looking for ways to  capture the attention of the burgeoning start-up culture.


Anyone who’s ever been an entrepreneur or part of a start-up would know that setting off on that path isn’t easy. It takes a lot more than just guts and conviction to get there. Not to mention the innumerable apologies one has to offer on the way to getting that dream project up and running.

Capturing the essence of that journey in its latest commercial for its jewelry collection Niloufer, Tanishq, the jewelry brand from Titan Company Ltd is hoping to strike a chord with working women.

The film revolves around a young woman entrepreneur who has been recognized for her accomplishments. As she checks into her hotel room to get ready for the awards night, her acceptance speech plays out in her mind.

She maintains that this is her first thank you speech, and that if it were an apology it may have worked better, as she has had ample practice with saying sorry–to everyone from her family, to clients to the maid–as she went about focusing on setting up her business.

The narrative, which is light-hearted, tries to evoke a sense of pride in the mind of the viewer and subtly brings alive the woman’s ability to persevere despite obstacles. The film ends with the line “for those who are willing to try something new”, which captures the essence of the occasion.

“The Indian woman is evolving. She is not afraid to venture and explore uncharted paths. She is no longer behind the scenes. She is out there, wants to be heard and she wants every piece of jewelry she adorns to reflect her fiery personality. Keeping this new-age woman in mind, we at Tanishq have launched Niloufer,” said Deepika Tewari, general manager — marketing, jewelry division, Titan Company.

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