Young Entrepreneur Scores With Homemade Bath, Beauty Products

By Gailyn Jackson
The Register-Herald, Beckley, W.Va.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Entrepreneur Piper Burgess says that the idea for her bath and beauty products company developed after her own struggle to find natural products she could use on her unique, combination-type skin.

The Register-Herald, Beckley, W.Va.

Piper Burgess, 19, founder and manager of Bath Bliss, has refused to let her age restrain her from pursuing her dreams.

In fact, she has done the opposite — she has used her age to set an example to others and break free of the idea that higher education is a necessity for success.

When Piper was 16 years old, she knew college was not in her future.

“I knew I needed a career path, but I just wasn’t interested in college,” Burgess shared.

Instead, she looked to her dad, who owns Discount Tile in Beckley, for guidance. Burgess’ dad started his own carpentry business when he was 16, the same age Burgess was when she created Bath Bliss.

Her father helped with the business aspect of the company, but everything else was left to Burgess.

At the time, she was a sophomore at Shady Spring High School, but after realizing she wanted to follow in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, she left the public school system to enroll in an online homeschool program.

Within five months, Burgess had finished the entirety of her high school education, had received her GED, and was already formulating recipes for her all-natural, homemade bath and beauty products.

So, why bath and beauty products? What was the motivation behind creating Bath Bliss and a line of all-natural products?

Burgess said she struggled to find natural products she could use on her unique, combination-type skin.

“There aren’t a lot of natural projects out there anymore that are easily accessible,” she said. “I have always leaned more toward all-natural products due to my dry and acne-prone skin. It is so hard to find products for that skin type, so I wanted to create products that were all natural and easy for people in this area to buy.

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