3 Cups Of Coffee Program Offers Mentorship Over Beverages

By Joyce Gannon
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


After she left college because of financial difficulties, Wendy Lloyd, 27, worked a string of jobs ranging from coffeehouse barista to administrative assistant.

As she sought full-time employment, she figured her solid record of volunteer experience with the AmeriCorps program and the University of Pittsburgh’s Nationality Rooms might boost her credentials.

But mostly, she sent applications to online job sites and never received a reply.

What she craved was personal, one-on-one input about her skills.

Because she had dropped out of school, Lloyd said, “College internships and professional organizations were opportunities I didn’t have. I wanted someone to lay eyes on my resume.”

She found that person in June at a downtown Pittsburgh coffee bar.

Through a mentorship initiative called 3 Cups of Coffee, Lloyd met Kristi Heidkamp, 26, who had volunteered to be a mentor for the program that connects professional females with women seeking to launch or reshape their careers.

Heidkamp, who works in wealth management recruiting for BNY Mellon, reviewed Lloyd’s resume, gave her tips on tailoring cover letters for different positions, and urged her to broaden her search by rethinking her talents and applying for positions that might not call for her specific skill set.

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