5 Questions: Young Entrepreneur Finds New Uses For Old Games

By Tammie Gitt
The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pa.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr)  12 year old Amelia Hough says she finds the old games which she then turns into unique pieces of jewelry (among several items) at thrift stores and garage sales.

The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pa.

Colorful bags made out of Twister mats, notebooks or earrings made from Monopoly pieces and name plaques made from old Scrabble letters are the raw material for Amelia Hough’s creativity.

The 12-year-old, who is about to turn 13, turns old games and vinyl records into both practical and whimsical items.

Hough will be going into eighth grade this fall at Wilson Middle School. In addition to her creative endeavors, Hough, who lives in Carlisle, is a trumpet player, pianist, singer, softball player and tennis player.

Q. What was your inspiration to reuse pieces of old games and records to make new products?

A. My inspiration was mostly from looking at some ideas I saw online or I would kind of just picture it in my mind while looking at the game.

Q. How do people react when they see things like Twister bags and Monopoly earrings?

A. Most of the time they usually say “Oh! That’s such a cool idea, I love that!” or “You made this all by yourself!”

Q. Where do you find the old game pieces for your projects?

A. I mostly find them at thrift stores and yard/garage sales. If I’m lucky, sometimes people will give me some of their old games.

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