8-year-old Creates Loony Balloony

By Kristina Hernandez
Redlands Daily Facts, Calif.


At 8, Mia Beck has a busy schedule.

She’s a student, performer and an entrepreneur after having launched special business ventures, including Loony Balloony, which specializes in balloon art.

She creates the designs with the help of her mom, Jaime, at community events and birthday parties at no charge. Donations are welcome and used for supplies.

“The easiest one to make is the sword, but I don’t have a favorite,” said the Redlands girl at her home Friday.

Mia turned to YouTube for how-to guides and picked up the craft quickly, said Jamie Beck.
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“Ever since she was little, she has always had these brilliant ideas. And since I’m a career educator, it’s important for me not to wait for her to try those ideas. And so any time she expresses an idea we try to do an activity to allow her to explore it to see if it is something she wants to build upon,” she said.

A balloon pump, balloons and creative knickknacks are housed inside a black travel cart covered with a pink cloth, one of Mia’s favorite colors. Balloons are made to order. To keep track, Mia writes down orders on a sticky note and focuses on one order at a time, said her mom.

“We work as long as she has an interest and then we stop,” she said. “We recently did a birthday party and we were there for three hours. They gave her $55 (after she said) ‘Pay me whatever you want.’ She probably worked for an hour and a half to two and then I finished up. She was tired but said it was awesome to get paid to go to a birthday party.”

Gaining experience in the business world now is just one way to prepare Mia for adulthood, Jamie added.

And Mia already has a plan laid out.

“When I get older I’m going to open up a mall that has everything. There will be houses for people to live in and I’m going to be everything — the mechanic, the store runner, everything. And I’m going to invent a five-story limo and a flying car. And then I’m going to invent a bubble gum machine that has every flavor in the world. I want to be famous,” she said.

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