9-To-5 Workday Is Outdated, Workers Say

By Molly Duffy
The Miami Herald.

Many professionals have retired the idea of only working 9 to 5.

In a CareerBuilder survey released Thursday, 63 percent of the 1,078 polled full-time workers — in the info tech, financial services, sales, professional and business services industries — said they believe the eight-hour day is outdated.

Instead, many workers said their workdays don’t end when they leave the office. Half keep checking work emails during their downtime, and 38 percent said they continue working outside of traditional office hours.
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Some workers, 20 percent, don’t stop thinking about work until they fall asleep. Another 42 percent wake up thinking about their jobs.

A fifth of respondents said that mental overtime keeps them from relaxing and enjoying any leisure time.

But most, 62 percent, said working outside the traditional eight-hour work day is a choice, not an obligation.

The survey found that men are more likely to work outside of office hours: 30 percent admitted to checking on work activities while out with friends and family.

Only 18 percent of women said the same, but they’re more likely to be thinking about work as they fall asleep.

Younger workers, 18-24, are also more likely thinking about work when they go to bed and when they wake up. About 56 percent said they stay connected to the office by choice, compared to 70 percent of workers older than 55 who said the same.

Harris Poll conducted the survey on behalf of CareerBuilder between May 14 and June 3 in the United States. CareerBuilder, based in Chicago, specializes in HR software and recruitment.

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