An Inspirational Read For Ambitious Women

By Stephanie Sutcliffe
Gulf Daily News, Manama, Bahrain.

SOPHIA Amoruso is a successful entrepreneur who has written #Girlboss to share the story of her fashion empire with the world.

Her childhood was less than glamorous and she describes how she just didn’t seem to fit in at school and in life.

As you progress through the book Sophia shares her indiscretions such as stealing, before describing where her idea for her company Nasty Gal began.

With an interest in fashion she has capitalised on the sheer power of the Internet, as she began selling her vintage clothing on eBay which became increasingly popular.

She credits her attention to detail as a major contributor to the increasing success of her business.

Throughout the book, Sophia shares quotes with readers and clearly encourages you to be your own boss and take charge of your life.

When her business outgrew eBay she moved to her own website where Nasty Gal continued to grow exponentially.

This book is an undeniably honest account of a girl who felt that her life was going no-where and who discovered that her feeling of being different was in actual fact the best thing that could have happened to her.

Her brutal honesty and matter of fact delivery could almost be misconstrued as arrogance when she repeatedly talks about her ‘multi-million dollar company’.

However, what I took from Sophia’s writing was that she is incredibly proud of her achievements and that if she can do it then you as a reader can too.

The details she shares in regard to her experiences could definitely motivate and help any budding entrepreneur reading this book.

#Girlboss is an inspirational read and would easily make anyone reading it feel like anything is possible with hard work, focus and determination.

My only peeve with the book was that there was, in my view, a considerable amount of repetition towards the end, as there were certain points and experiences in the latter half that I had already read in the beginning.

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