Ana Veciana-Suarez: Yesterday’s Fashion Faux Pas Is Today’s Must-Have Trend

By Ana Veciana-Suarez
Tribune News Service

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Ana Veciana-Suarez normally tackles political and cultural issues. To switch things up a bit she takes a stab at fashion. What does she find? Well, for one thing she points out, “As in politics, where today’s disgraced pol was yesterday’s rising star, fashion makes for strange bedfellows.”

Tribune News Service

Because I need a break from the barrage of Comey/Russia/Trump/ Washington news, I’ve decided to offer commentary on what some might consider a vapid subject: fashion.

Or, what we wear and why it matters. Namely, I want to point out that fashion rules are malleable and that, like politics, they depend on who’s in power.

In other words, a hot item one season may be object non grata the next. By the same token, out-of-favor fads can suddenly, and without warning, make it into the limelight, surprising even the most assiduous trend-watchers.

Before I continue, however, a disclaimer: No one who has known me for more than an hour would describe me as a fashionista.

I dress up when I must and dress down when I can. I’m horrible at matching and coordinating. Accessories are not my best friend, and I tend to keep styles lo-o-o-ng after other women have relegated theirs to the Goodwill pile.

That said, I was particularly taken by a recent New York Times story that recounted how wearing high socks with shorts is no longer a fashion faux pas.

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