Another Scooter Company? Yes–But Hometown Player Bolt Believes There’s Room To Ride

By Rob Wile
The Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) “Bolt Scooters” join the budding market of electric scooter rentals in Miami. And it looks like the company has room to grow (At least in Florida).  Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Tuesday making scooters legal throughout the state.

The Miami Herald

Bird. Lime. Jump.

Pick a four-letter word in 2019, and there’s a good chance it’s also the name of an electric scooter rental company.

Now, a Miami Beach-based outfit is riding into the market, on the belief that there is still plenty of demand for two-wheelers to go around.

And yes, it too has a four-letter name.

Bolt, officially known as Bolt Mobility, was founded in March 2018 by entrepreneurs Kamyar Kaviani and Sarah Haynes, with investment from Miami-based firm Rokk3r Fuel and California investment group The Yucaipa Companies, founded by billionaire Ron Burkle. It launched in Fort Lauderdale and Northern Virginia in March and, with the start of the City of Miami’s District 2 pilot project in April, Miami.

Its brand ambassador is, of course, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt

A city spokesman said data on ridership levels for the pilot had not yet been compiled. So far, Miami has recorded only one claim of a person falling off his scooter. There have been no other reported accidents or injuries, the city said. A bill signed Tuesday by Gov. Ron DeSantis made scooters legal throughout Florida.

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