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Are Morning People Happier? (WWR News Brief 4/28/14)

As the saying goes…people who are early to bed and early to rise are healthy wealthy and wise. And now you can add happy to the list. According to new research from the University of Toronto, morning people are more likely to feel more energetic and chipper. Scientists aren’t sure why, but it could be related to what’s called “social jet lag,” the idea that night owls’ biological clocks are out of sync.

And an article out of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution takes an interesting look at the payments industry and the growing effort by major companies to control how our money moves. From big box retailers to mobile phone carriers, Visa MasterCard and Amex are no longer the only players. For many retailers’ the push for more mobile payment apps is spurred by the desire to avoid the fee they have to pay in order to accept credit and debit cards. For more on these stories and much more simply head to our website www.workingwomanreport.com

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