Artist Hates Traditional Airplane Travel So She Created Her Own Airline

By Howard Cohen
Miami Herald

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Artist Qinmin Liu is the founder/creator of “Angelhaha Airline” which will fly one-way only to art events and has just nine seats.

Miami Herald

Artist Qinmin Liu thinks flying is a pain in the easel.

So she’s created her own airline for artists that will fly only to art events, like Art Basel in Miami Beach, its maiden destination. She’s calling her art project-business Angelhaha Airline.

If the 13-second, dialog- and text-free commercial she aired on Chinese television reveals anything about the name or service, it suggests Liu likes to laugh. A lot.

On Liu’s Angelhaha Airline website she explains a bit more.

“Angelhaha pursues a positive spirit: Happiness is ahead of you.”

Its slogan, “Angelhaha Airline promises to only fly to art,” tells at least part of the story: Angelhaha Airline will fly one-way only to art events and has just nine seats.

Presumably, the artists who take Liu up on her offer can book passage home with the non-artisan on American, United, Delta and so forth.

In addition to New York-Miami for Basel Dec. 6, Angelhaha Airline lists flights to San Francisco for Untitled in January, New York’s Armory Show in March, and Art Basel in Hong Kong in March and Switzerland in June.

The airline isn’t going after the big guys, though she’s plenty critical of traditional carriers.

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