Barbie’s Latest Gig: Entrepreneur, complete with smartphone and tablet

By Andrea Chang
Los Angeles Times.

Barbie is one busy woman. Last week, news broke that she would be striking a pose for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition in a black-and-white knit bathing suit. This week, she’s an entrepreneur.
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Toy giant Mattel Inc. announced Barbie’s latest career at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

Barbie Entrepreneur comes in four ethnicities and goes on sale in June. The doll will retail for $12.99, according to CNN.

The doll also comes with a tiny plastic smartphone and tablet. But no hoodies and glasses for this gal: Barbie Entrepreneur is outfitted in a hot pink fitted dress, black patent handbag, black pumps and a glittery statement necklace.

(Personally, we would have liked seeing Barbie rocking Google Glass and a smartwatch, but alas.)

Since her introduction in 1959, Barbie has taken on about 150 careers and represented more than 40 different nationalities, Mattel said.

Among her jobs: veterinarian, aerobics instructor, pilot, police officer and rock star.

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