Being A Life Coach Helped Kim Lachapelle In Her Own Life

By Quoron Walker
Hartford Courant

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Kim Lachapelle says being a life coach helped her become more self-aware which helped her make changes in her own life. 

Hartford Courant

Local residents may know Kim Lachapelle as the owner of The MAX Challenge of South Windsor, but she is also a certified life coach and has been for over a decade.

Lachapelle said that as a life coach, she helps clients find answers and solutions for their own lives within themselves.

“It’s about, ‘Where do you want to go? How can I help maximize your potential? Get you in the right direction for what your goals are.’ Most times, we have the answers in ourselves but need to be asked the right questions or have the right assignment,” Lachapelle said.

Her career as a life coach started when she was still working her corporate job. Lachapelle became certified to help bring out the best in employees and leaders.

“Being here at the MAX is perfect compliment to what I was already doing – mind, body, spirit,” she said.

Being a life coach helped Lachapelle become more self-aware and helped her making necessary changes in her own life.

“What I found when I went to coaching school was that I thought I was a lot further ahead then I was. I had of lot of internal surprises,” she said.

Lachapelle learned why certain things triggered her to be upset and anxious, reevaluated all her relationships, and examined who she had become at work. Though she had a successful 25-year career in the corporate world, she wasn’t speaking her truth.

“I kind of had become a puppet. A ‘good soldier,’ if you will. A lot of my promotions and success came from following the rules and doing what was supposedly right,” she said. “It brought me to a place of where I didn’t know who I was.”

New values and an entrepreneur’s spirit, along with life coaching experience from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), led Lachapelle to the MAX Challenge.

“We had matching pictures with community, service, mindset, health, and wellness positivity,” she said.

Now that the MAX is established and thriving, more focus can be put on life coaching.

The free eBook, Why You Are Feeling Unworthy & How to Break Free, is a place where many of her clients begin the process of find their true selves.

The six-stage book’s goal is to allow readers to fully accept and love themselves.

Lachapelle even had to complete the work in her book to get to her place of peace and reach her goals.

“I said to myself, ‘By the time I’m 50, everything that I have done up until this point will land under one roof and I have no idea what that looks like, but it will happen,” Lachapelle said. “I said that out loud, and it was the next week I saw The MAX Challenge on LinkedIn.”

A journaling workbook to go along with the eBook is in the works.
To learn more about Lacahpelle’s services and to download, Why You Are Feeling Unworthy & How To Break Free, visit
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