Billionaire Craig Hall Is On A Quest To Democratize Entrepreneurship

By Cheryl Hall
The Dallas Morning News

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Billionaire Craig Halls’ foundation is starting with $1 million to provide grants that will help nonprofits support worthy entrepreneurs who might be otherwise left out in the cold.

The Dallas Morning News

In 1968, an 18-year-old Craig Hall used $4,000 as a down payment on a small student rooming house in in his university hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich. — his entire boyhood savings from mowing lawns, doing odd jobs and going door-to-door selling Cutco Knives.

Fifty years later, the founder of Dallas-based Hall Group is a billionaire several times over with vast holdings in commercial real estate, financial services, property management, California wineries and fine art.

His half-century of entrepreneurial exploits has included triumphs, disasters and rebounds.

To celebrate his 50th anniversary, Hall wants to help more people become entrepreneurs — in a bigger variety of businesses than just technology.

“Most of my entrepreneurial life has been about surviving until you thrive,” the 68-year-old says at Hall Group headquarters in the Arts District. “I always try to explain to young wannabe entrepreneurs that it’s all about cash flow and staying alive.”

Hall was dealt a near-death blow in the real estate and energy debacle of late 1980s. And he ultimately lost $500 million in an ill-fated bet on American Airlines stock before the giant carrier went bankrupt in 2011.

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