Bluetooth For Bessie

By Greg Stiles
Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore.

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Melissa Brandao is the founder of “HerdDogg” an Oregon startup that has developed tracking technology to collect data on cattle in the field.

Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore.

The stage is set for HerdDogg to ride herd as a real-time data provider for beef and dairy producers.

Armed with $2.3 million in venture capital, the three-year-old, Ashland-based firm founded by Melissa Brandao has not only ramped up production of its patented tracking system, but it is hiring a sales force to carve out a niche in the $1 trillion large-animal livestock industry.

After years of pursuing electric farm utility vehicle production, which included a trip with other entrepreneurs to the White House, Brandao concluded tracking technology was a more viable business.

“We didn’t need a vehicle, the device fits in your pocket,” Brandao said of the Bluetooth-based system that can transmit data up to 30 feet. “The focus has gone from gathering and storing data to real-time data for producers.”

Brandao and her team developed a three-part system, starting with a DoggTag that is attached to the ears of cattle and weighs less than half an ounce.

The DoggBone reader collects data, and a cell phone app retrieves data and stores individual animal history in the cloud. The 13-gram transmitters give producers breeding, health and tracking capabilities.

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