Booting Up: Not-So-Instant Message: App Saves Best For Later

By Jessica Van Sack
Boston Herald.

A new mobile app promises to allow anyone to send text, video and voice messages up to 25 years into the future, offering new, boundless communication potential — in life and after death.

Incubate, a new app for iOS, is a time capsule for sentiment. Imagine hearing your grandmother wish you a Merry Christmas years after she’s gone. Or on your 21st birthday, a video of your parents finding out they were having you, a new baby boy. Or on your 50th wedding anniversary, receiving a video message from the spouse who didn’t live long enough to share it with you.

Users can sign up for Incubate with a Facebook account or email address. They’ll see the number of messages waiting for them in the future. But they won’t know when the messages are coming or who has sent them.

“We’ve been blown away with the creative ways people have thought about using the app,” said app founder Michael McCluney, a serial entrepreneur based in Atlanta. “Some are comical, but some are extremely emotional. The range and possibilities are really limitless.”

In fact, the app was inspired by one of those funnier possibilities: McCluney’s friend had newborn triplets, and months of nearly zero sleep took a toll, resulting in obscenity-laced outbursts in the middle of those sleepless nights. McCluney suggested his friend record his own tirade and then send it to the kids — as a joke — in a future voicemail.

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